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city tonight. as the resort town prepares for the impact of hurricane earl. a live look now at ocean city, where very large waves are crashing into the beach. not many people in the water. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. bob turk and meteorologist tim williams tracking earl. adam may is live in ocean city, where the community is on alert. and alex demetrick is following how the state is getting ready. let's go now to bob, with the updates from the national hurricane center. >> just updated. take a look at radar. i want to show you the bands of rain have reached the north carolina area. just a few light bands offshore. they'll probably see some of that coming up in the next hour. but tomorrow, that's when the rains will be here really. and winds will be affecting ocean city tomorrow. take a electric at the tracks updated from 5:00. actually, the track now is going up to the north. not the north to northwest. for some reason, the computer did not grab that. winds are down to 115.
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and earlier, up to 138. there it goes, off the coast of england, as a category 2, to eventually category 1. by the time it gets up to eastern canada, it will be just a strong, low-pressure system. so getting into the colder waters. also running into what we call shear, which is ripping this storm apart. heading up east to new england. cape cod could see wind gusts over 60, 70 knots that way. there could be damage there. particularly damage probably happening all around the cape hatteras area. and minor damage also possible, even ocean city, where they have tropical storm warnings in effect. which means they could see wind gusts as high as 50 or 60 knots, right along the beaches. as you head inland, that's going to be a lot, lot less. coastal flood advisories through the morning. because of higher-than-normal tides. 1 to 3 feet above normal is what we expect. but that will quickly change during the day tomorrow. tim has a look at how that will
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be affecting our region. >> reporter: as bob just mentioned, the track of the storm is going to be about 150 miles offshore. and there's a good reason that ocean city, delaware are only seeing tropical storm warnings. it's all because of the wind. the center. storm is going to be passing through about 150 miles out. hurricane force winds extend from the center, just about 70 miles out. but the tropical storm force winds extend out about 200 miles. meaning that the influence of those winds will be felt in the bay, on the western shores and down along the coast. so what that means for us, is that as this storm approaches, those winds will push water into the bay. roughly 1 to 3 feet above the average tide at high tide. but as the storm starts to move on by, the winds will shift. and the same influence that pushed them in will push them back out. this will happen by the end of the afternoon. and as bob mentioned, the coastal flood advisories are only in effect until 6:00 a.m. that change will happen sooner than later, on the western shores. bay, and out toward central maryland. we will hardly know this storm is moving on by.
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as for the plot, we call this the spaghetti plot. several different models, a compilation of them all. they're all in pretty good agreement, alignment, watching this storm passing the coast, up ocean city, moving toward cape cod. that will all happen within the 12-hour period between friday, at 8:00 in the mowng, and friday, 8 -- 8:00 in the morning and friday 8:00 in the evening. bob will have your complete updated first warning forecast. back to you inside. >> first warning coverage continues in ocean city. adam may is live there. swimmers are being ordered out of the water. >> no swimmers allowed in the water. any more here in ocean city as of right now. you can see back here, the waves are still very big. some people on the beach. not that many. a lot of people have already decided, they're just not going out to the beach anymore. if you simply can't get in the water. also, we just noticed a few minutes ago, they got public works crews removing a lot of the big storage bins. and rental chairs.
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>> reporter: as hurricane earl continues moving north, the waters near ocean city are now officially closed to swimmers, as of 1:00 this afternoon. >> tearing the beach up now. >> reporter: but some wade out into the water anyway, even though last weekend, hurricane danielle caused strong rip currents, and more than 500 people had to be rescued from the waters, one died. >> we're not going out far. obviously. my girlfriend -- my fiance, i should say, she had to get rescued by the lifeguard earlier this week. >> reporter: really? what happened? >> the tide just kept taking her out. >> reporter: even though hurricane earl was expected to stay about 150 miles offshore, emergency management officials here in ocean city are still bracing for tropical storm force winds of up to 55 miles an hour, gusting at times. >> well, we're starting to see some of the effects of the surf. starting to see some of the effects after 2:00 a.m. this morning. >> as the beach patrol monitors the water, some residents are bracing for potential property
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damage. >> we're worried about this. >> i'm real worried about -- >> for workers in this resort, labor day weekend is a big source of their income. >> huge. huge. huge amount of money. >> reporter: those who are planning to come to ocean city, they just monitor that a little bit, wait until the event is over. should be smooth sailing at the beach. >> reporter: tomorrow should be the interesting day here in ocean city. as of tonight, we can tell you, we noticed a lot of the hotels still have vacancies. and some of the restaurants are trying to drum up business by having hurricane earl drink specials. reporting live in ocean city, adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> that always helps weather any storm. thank you. wjz is live at the inner harbor. alex demetrick is following the statewide response to hurricane earl. alex? >> reporter: as of 5:00, maryland's emergency management agency went to its highest stage. and it will stay there until
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earl passes well beyond maryland. >> the communications management is up. they have been gearing up sense sunday. they are part of the state and private agencies who will will respond to reports of emergencies, and coordinate response efforts. level 3 will bring all of the state's players together. governor o'malley and his cabinet were given a detailed briefing on those. and what weather experts are predicting. >> the latest that earl was headed out from sea and away from ocean city, which is good, good news. >> coopers island, devastated seven years ago, when isabel sent a massive storm surge up the chesapeake. >> i've never seen it come that fast. >> some say it it go on out. >> reporter: even though, the
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county's emergency center is up and running. and even if earl's track is up. >> hurricane earl is not all there is out there. there is gaston and fiona. and additional storms brewing. >> reporter: and preparations, ongoing. >> reporter: and emergency managers do plan to keep a close eye on the bay's spots. especially along the dorchester county coast, which could see waters rise, 1 to 3 feet. >> all right, alex. thank you. and stay with wjz for the latest on hurricane earl. wjz is always on. to track the storm, get forecast updates, receive live doppler radar any time, go to it's happening again. an oil rig explodes. vic is in the newsroom with the latest developing story. >> this is west of the site of bp's massive oil spill. just off louisiana's central coast. right now, there is just this still photo from the site of the fire. 13 workers on board the
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platform were all rescued safely. earlier, they reported an oil sheen near the explosion site. but now say they are unable to confirm that report. the platform is owned by houston-based mariner company. the company has free firefighting vessels on the site, battling the flames. >> right now, officials say this oil spill is in shallow water, which will make the cleanup easier. discovery channel headquarters, transformed from office building to crime scene. a gunman took three hostages at the silver spring office before he was shot dead by police. wjz is live. derek valcourt has more on the history of protesting the network. derek? >> reporter: in fact, he was arrested after protesting there just two years ago. as part of his probation. he was ordered to stay away from the discovery channel building. but that probation ended just two weeks ago. >> reporter: for years, james lee argued the discovery channel needed to change its tune, in order to save the earth. but on wednesday, his environmental protest, took a
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violent turn. as the 43-year-old entered the company's silver spring headquarters, armed with a gun and with home made bombs, strapped to his body. he took two employees and a security guard hostage. >> for the next four hours, we are on the phone with this guy, negotiating with him. >> reporter: montgomery county police chief, thomas manger tells wjz that negotiations were not going well, as s.w.a.t. teams moved in. >> hostages began to move. his attention was diverted from talking to us on the phone toward the hostages. he shouted. the officers heard a pop. and whether that was him firing off his weapon again or whether it was to detonate one of the devices on his person, i don't know yet. but with that sound, folks came out, confronted him. he turned toward them. had the gun out. and that's when they shot and killed him. >> reporter: on his website, he rails against the discovery channel for promoting what he calls humanity's overpopulation of the earth. among these demands, that the discovery channel come up with
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plans to include human sterilization and infertility. shows to correct. >> james farrell met lee in 2008, around the time lee was arrested for throwing cash into the air. >> he kept saying, the money didn't matter. >> reporter: it took a bomb squad more than four hours to safely detonate the devices lee had attached to himself. >> that is just what he had attached to himself. in fact, police say at a press conference moments ago, they detonated four other bombs that he had brought into the building with him at the time of the hostage situation. now, police say even though lee is dead, they do have several questions that they are trying to find out the answers to. did he have any help in this crime? back to you. >> it could have ended so differently, derek. thank you. lee's body was taken to the
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medical examiner's office for an autopsy. the results of that examination are not yet available. new details tonight about the 18-count indictment against maryland state senator ulysses currie. he faces a slew of charges, including bribery and extortion. >> state senator ulysses curry -- ulysses currie is facing another count tonight. this after they indicted him on 18 charges, including bribery, etion tortion and make -- extortion, and making false statements to the fbi. prosecutors say curie was on the shoppers food chain roll. currie was running for his prince george's county seat, unopposed. >> obviously, well liked in the legislature. a bridge builder. and now, he seems ready to be brought down.
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if he is actually convicted on these charges. >> reporter: according to court documents, currie began receiving $3,000 payments from the food store chain back in february 2003. then in december 2007, those payments jumped to more than $7,000. >> indictment. just goes down the list of things he did. that he did not report on any of his financial forms. >> reporter: but in a written statement, curie's attorney, dale kel berman says this is highly unusual among federal cases in the u.s. there was no bribery cases brought to the table. no hush-hush deal. instead, he signed a contract for shoppers food warehouse. and that was reviewed by shoppers and renewed twice.
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and currie's attorney agrees he will be exonerated. he writes, the crim charges brought are unfounded. and he will plead not guilty to those charges. simply put, he has committed no crime. >> reporter: and the tib --bi searched currie's home. investigators say they found a list of accomplishments that revealed how currie himmed -- helped the food chain grow. >> currie has been under federal investigation for two years. tonight, good news about road to recovery. clinton was standing on the pier on the outer banks when he was hit by the sting ray. his liver was pierced. and he had to have surgery right away then last week, doctors had to perform another operation on the boy. today, his mom contacted wjz. she told us doctors had to go back and remove a sizable amount of his abdomen. she says clinton is now on the mend, in good spirits and resting at home. that is great news.
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such a freak accident. >> very strange. still ahead at 5:00. wrinkle treatment controversy. botox, ordered to pay millions in fines. what federal regulators say they did wrong. get out and vote. tomorrow, for the very first time, marylanders can vote early. we'll see how it works, coming up. i'm mike schuh, between the concourse at bwi. this airport is getting $41 million. we'll tell you where the money is going, when eyewitness news continues. all eyes on ocean city. a live look at the beach. swimmers ordered out of the water. ahead of hurricane earl. bob has your system coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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a first for maryland voters today. early voting starts tomorrow. the primary is september 13th. but you can avoid the lines and
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the wait. >> reporter: nothing like being ahead of the crowd. that sentiment will now apply to voting in maryland. and early voting is nonpartisan. both republicans and democrats endorse the idea. in fact, both parties came together for a joint press conference to get the word out. >> early voting is actually designed to accommodate everyone so that no one can say, well, i couldn't get to the polls. there will be six days of early voting for the primary. and there will be six days of early voting for the general. >> if the leaders of our party will work with the state board of elections, however we can, to ensure that early voting is safe and secure and that every vote will be counted. >> reporter: early voting in maryland starts 10:00 a.m., friday, september 3rd. each jurisdiction will have one to five locations. a total of 46 early voting sites statewide. there will be five in each of baltimore city and county, anne
5:19 pm
arundel county, prince george's and howard county has three locations. >> the more people that vote, the happier we'll be. we want more people voting in every election. and in this way, i think it's going to happen. >> that's tomorrow, september 3rd, through september 9th. excluding sundays. for the general election, early voting will be held october 22nd to the 28th. also excluding sundays. for complete coverage of campaign 2010, stay with wjz. log onto for the late evaluate poll results and -- latest poll results and information. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check on the polls with sharon gi -- roads with sharon gibala. >> we've had a bunch of wrecks this afternoon. here's a live look at them. in the 95 southbound lanes. route 272, northeast. it is also causing a northbound rubber-necking delay. also watch for that. watch for an accident on the
5:20 pm
west side outer loop, past liberty road. that one on the right shoulder with the delay behind it. an accident in darlington still. south of pratt church road. that one involving a tractor- trailer. another involving a motorcycle in middle river. four in the city. washington boulevard. herman. edgewood at edmondson. and orleans at north gay. 95, nesh. -- northbound. still slow at 95. and another slow. that will set you back about 5 minutes. there's a look at your drive times and speeds on the beltway. 26 miles an hour on the top side inner loop between 83 and 95. there's a live look at the top side. that's at york road. that's a look at the west side at wilkens avenue. this traffic report is brought to you by subway. hurry in and try any new breakfast. and looks like the western, egg white muffin melt. subway, eat fresh. back over to you.
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>> thank you, sharon. all righty. take a look at these temperatures. another day, another 90-degree day. 91. southeast bay. come back and take a look at the friday and weekend. labor day forecast. that's live, ocean city right now. ,,,,,,,,
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as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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ocean city. the waves picking up the cloudy skies. take a look at radar. you see that. one of the tiny little bands of shower there. most of the rains still offshore. that's where it's heavy. you take the tract offshore there. some of these rain bands with the heavy wind gusts will reach probably into eastern virginia area, and ocean city late tonight, and during the early and afternoon, expect that to be in the ocean city area. temperature-wise, except for ocean city, pretty hot. 91. down to 79. winds coming off the ocean. hot spot this afternoon, cumberland got to 100 degrees last hour.
5:25 pm
99 in the valley. 86 in oakland. dew point, moderate range at 65 degrees. there's earl. clearly showing that it has weakened. beginning to drop down. still a strong storm. but the winds were much stronger. to the west, that front we have been telling you about, with the much cooler air behind it. that's going to move in for the weekend. for our region, don't expect to see any rain in the baltimore area at all. all of the rain is going to be right along the coastal regions. maybe as far west as came bridge. maybe a little in southern maryland. bulk of the winds will be offshore. that doesn't mean we won't see tropical storm force winds through long island and the maryland and delaware area. and especially down here in southeast virginia, eastern carolina. they'll see wind gusts maybe as high as 60, 65. maybe even 70. just below hurricane force. this storm is down to a weak category 3. down to 115. still a big storm. north winds -- excuse me, moving to the north at 18. barometer has been rising.
5:26 pm
it's a 3 now. but by the time gets to our vicinity should be a 2. and water gets colder. and there's westerly shear that is beginning to rip up the storm somewhat. now, friday afternoon, around 2:00. that's when it is come -- expected to be east of ocean city. and at this point, by afternoon, winds go back out of the west, behind it. pushing the waters out of the bay. late tonight, into the morning hours. there may be coastal advisories. one to three foot above tides. there's the spaghetti plots. mote of -- most of these models still taking it off from the east/northeast. and rapid rise. going to start moving quickly. hot for the next hour or so. and turning much cooler tomorrow night. and beautiful weekend for the entire region on tap. north winds, 10 to 15. on the bay, friday from 2:00
5:27 pm
a.m. until the early afternoon. bay temp is still warm at 81. tonight, around our region. cloudy skies coming in late tonight. right now, it's just cooler. 68. clouds and sunshine. another hot afternoon here. 92 degrees. and ocean city forecast. wind and rain tomorrow. maybe wind gusts over 50 knots. and beautiful weather coming up for saturday, sunday, and monday. heading down there. don't let that scare you. tomorrow, it will be pretty nasty. but by the weekend, nice weather will return. >> all right, bob. thank you. football still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. extortion scandal. he confessed to trying to blackmail david letterman. tonight, he's out of prison, but his punishment is far from over. trouble from rapper t.i. in trouble just months after getting out of prison. why he and his wife were taken into custody. hurricane earl getting closer and closer to ocean city. i'm adam may, we're going to talk to the mayor ,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 5:30. 91 degrees and sunny. good evening. thank you for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. all of maryland watching hurricane earl tonight. a live look at ocean city now. you can see some waves are
5:31 pm
picking up. most of the folks are out of the water. and people are clearing off the beach at this point. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. adam may has been in ocean city all day long. manuel gallegus is in north carolina. under the gun tonight. but first, bob turk and meteorologist tim williams, tracking the storm for us. let's go to bob with the updated storm track. take a look ateratear. -- radar. most is off shore. but they're getting some rain down there. and the winds starting to pick up. a little sheit lightshower activity. may see a few showers there in the next hour. most of that rain won't come until late tonight or during the morning and early afternoon hours of tomorrow. take a look at the track. just updating the 5:00. looks like it's going to pass probably 150 miles pothe center of the storm. -- to the center of the storm. east of ocean city. tomorrow afternoon. it will be due east of our region. and weakening. and continuing to weaken as it
5:32 pm
continues to head up towards cape cod. and eventually toward sections of new england. tim has a look at the outback with watches and warnings. >> watches and warnings are very specific. tropical storm warnings in effect for sussex county, delaware. and ocean city. that's the pink you see on the right side of your screen. of course, the hurricane watch and tropical storm warning mean basically that those conditions are going to be in place within the next 24 ho -- to 36 hours or so. and actually, an upgrade, meaning the hurricane force winds could impact that area. winds extend 90 miles out from the center of this storm. they will definitely impact as it moves on through. as far as the models, this is what we have been calling the spaghetti trough. these are several models that all show you the spaghetti path that we expect to move with this. moving to the northeast very quickly, as it starts to move
5:33 pm
across the path of north carolina. we'll have more on this coming up. for now, back inside. first warning weather coverage continues live in ocean city. adam may has the latest from the beach. adam? >> well, kai, the big news from ocean city. let me hit on the highlights now. tropical storm warning now. the beach has been closed off to swimmers. the only people allowed there are surfers. and with me now is donna avid. first off, i think what people want to know here that are visiting, what are you guys doing to make sure everybody in this town is safe in the storm? >> well, we're encouraging people at the height of the storm to stay indoors. it's going to be an early- morning scenario. particularly rough like 8:00 a.m. or so. most people report out and about. stay indoors. use common sense. stay out of the water by all means. and hopefully eye by the -- hopefully by the time the storm moves past, we'll good by the end of the day. and that's a good concern a lot of people have in the hospitality industry right now. the fact that this is labor day weekend. this is a busy weekend.
5:34 pm
are you concerned with how this could impact the economy. >> certainly there is concern. but fortunately, we have a very good forecast saturday, sunday, and monday. get the storm off the coast by tomorrow afternoon. we should be good to go by labor day weekend. >> thank you so much for joining us. and you know, i just talked to a couple of managers of a couple of hotels down here. actually, they did have cancellations here for tonight. but a lot of people tell me they were booked up for saturday. and a lot of people have held those reservations. so they are expecting a busy rest of the weekend after earl passes. back to you guys on television hill. >> earl is weakening slightly to a category 3 hurricane. but it's still packing powerful winds near 125 miles per hour. the powerful storm is expected to put the outer banks of north carolina tonight in our direction. manuel gallegus reports from kill devil hills, where many are getting out of earl's way. >> reporter: hurricane earl is kicking up the surf along the outer banks, as the powerful storm approaches north carolina. mark and flo kettner waited until the last minute to pack
5:35 pm
up their vacation rental. >> what was the turning point for you? >> when i saw the news and they told me i had to leave. [ laughter ] >> reporter: with a hurricane warning in effect up and down the coast, three north carolina counties issued evacuation orders for all visitors. >> we're getting out of here. and we're kind of glad that they at leastent did it in stages. it's helping traffic get through faster. but plenty of residents are staying. paul abner was painting on his shop. >> not sure how this is going to turn out. but i'm willing to see. >> reporter: even with the center of earl miles east of here, waves will swell as high as 18 feet. heavy rain will kick in. and hurricane force winds will be strong enough to do some damage. >> reporter: north carolina's governor says her state is ready. but coastal residents need to take precautions. >> the problems for some people isn't the immediate incident. it's the a little or 12 hour-- eight or 12 hours afterwards when you can't get help. >> reporter: a hurricane
5:36 pm
warning is now in effect for the tip of massachusetts, including nantucket. >> we'll be inland and heading south. >> local officials want residents and visitors to prepare for the worst. this is the first time the northeast has faced a major hurricane in nearly two decades. in kill devil hills, north carolina, manuel gallegus, wjz eyewitness news. >> stay with wjz for the latest on hurricane earl. wjz is always on. to track the storm, get the forecast updates. and to see live doppler radar any time, go to the makers of botox in court, face-to-face with the justice department. denise is in the newsroom with details for us. >> reporter: officials of allergen, the companies that make the wrinkle-smoothing drug will pay $600 million in fines. the settlement ends a long investigation into the company's marketing of the top- selling drug. allergen pleaded guilty to
5:37 pm
misusing for unapproved reasons, like headaches. >> botox's worldwide sales totaled over $16 million during the first six months of 2010. the former television producer who tried to blackmail david letterman is free. robert joe halderman served four months of his six-month sentence and was released early for good behavior. the case led the late night host to reveal on air that he's had several affairs with women on his staff. halderman just completed 1,000- - or has to now complete 1,000 hours of community service. a recall of ferraris. ferrari is recalling more than 1200 of the 458 italian super
5:38 pm
cars. this comes after reports of fires breaking out in the luxury vehicles in several countries. the italian car maker says it wants to replace an adhesive. millions head to bwi. today, mike schuh got the behind-the-scenes tour. >> reporter: very few of us get this view of the airport, down low, on the concrete, where the planes roll. it's this surface that is getting the attention. when this airport was laid out and built, no one thought behemoths this big or heavy, would crowd the concrete outside the terminal. simply put, the place is obsolete and needs to be put in place. >> actually, it's a safety issue. as concrete deteriorates, they can suck things up. >> reporter: this is the head of the federal aviation administration. >> the airplanes are heavier. and the footprints of those
5:39 pm
airplanes needs to be accommodated if the airport is going to keep up. >> we're listening off the transportation investments that our parents and grandparents made. >> reporter: the utilities below, well, they were built back when this place was called friendship international. >> and this ground here at bwi, the storm drainage, some of the conduit work, was here when president truman, dedicated friendship airport in june 1950. >> reporter: so today, it was announced that the airport got $41 million in airport money to rebuild this part of the money. we got the money because the feds asked this question. >> what was your conviction to- - contribution to the national transportation agency. this airport contributed heavily. as a matter of fact, this airport grew last year. >> transportation built the base for this economy. we need to make the investment today, just like our parents and grandparents did, for our children and grandchildren. >> reporter: better drainage means deicing fluid used in the winter will be more easily
5:40 pm
recycled. and in a catastrophe, spilled jet fuel will be away from the terminal. >> reporter: mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. back to you now on tv hill. >> and all that was work is expected to be completed by this time next year. >> in tonight's wjz healthwatch report. new findings about the link between post traumatic stress disorder and dementia. researchers found that veterans with ft -- ptsd are twice as likely to develop dementia than veterans who don't have the disorder. scientists have no concrete explanation of the finding. they say it could be because ptsd creates changes in the brain. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. a look at the controversial decision by the ravens to change hot dog brands at the stadium. a preview of this year's maryland football team. and a look at this week's new movie. for all of these stories and a whole lot more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. remember to look for the
5:41 pm
updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. another big distinction for howard county tonight. another magazine named ellicott sea is one of the top -- ellicott city one of the top 10 places places to raise a family. >> reporter: vibrant culture, big names and great schools. ken olman says it's nationwide recognition that is the second piece of good news he received this year. money magazine named the area the second best place to live in the nation. >> what i love is they're both business magazines. so they took a look at the economy, and unemployment rate and our triple a bond rating and said we're one of the best places to live. very grat tiifying. and-- gratifying. and another great day for howard countep. >> ellicottellicott city has 67 nearby parks. the only con was high housing
5:42 pm
prices and congestion. >> sure. we're in the middle of two major metropolitan region, baltimore and washington. great for jobs and access to cultures and amenities. but it does mean there are traffic pressures. we're doing our best. but that's a reality. the other is home prices. people want to live here. and it pushes home prices up. >> reporter: ann arbor, michigan, huntsville, alabama, some of the other places to raise a family. you've seen the video of him lighting up. now he's getting help for his cigarette addiction. a major crash. a motorcycle accident caught on tape. the video of what happened next coming up. i'm bob turk, the first warning weather center. believe it or not, a nice day for the weekend headed our way. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. >> here's today's report from wall street. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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once again, a live look at ocean city. clouds. for our region on friday. how is it looking around here? believe it or not, a nice day. particularly west of the day bay, we'll see a lot of sunshine. temperatures getting up to 90, maybe even 91 degrees. and that will break the all- time record of number of 90- degree days in our region. tim williams in the outback. tim has a look at the five-day forecast. tim? >> as bob mentioned, you know, we have a 90-degree day tomorrow. then things look nice heading into the labor day weekend. let's look at. that front comes through, and pushes earl on away. moves on through. the temperatures drop. 79 on saturday. 78 on sunday. 84 on labor day monday. and 88 on tuesday. as the temperatures go up and the humidity starts to climb again. overnight lows, comfortably in the low to mid-50s. now, for your energy saver tips of the day. install white window shades, drapes or blinds, instead of a multicolor darker one. they will help to reflect the
5:47 pm
heat away from the house. for more information, you can go to and click on the special section on the home page. back inside. >> all right, tim. thank you. football can be a rough sport. but not even ray lewis hits like this. take a look at iowa hawk eye. joshua koppel collides head-on while riding his motorcycle. after taking time to collect himself, the offensive lineman gets up and walks away. the man didn't suffer any serious injuries. but troopers cited him for a traffic violation. wow. big trouble today for hip- hop star t.i., after he once again finds himself inside a jail cell. the rapper and his wife were arrested on drug charges in west hollywood last night. police say they smelled marijuana coming from the couple's car. t.i., whose real name is clifford harris came on probation from an earlier conviction on federal gun charges. parole officer has ordered him
5:48 pm
to return to his native atlanta. >> and he has made international headlines for his love of cigarettes. now, a 2-year-old indonesian boy is kicking the habit, whether he wants to or not. little aldi hasn't smoked in nearly a month. this is file footage of him. his families and goes -- doctors are helping him beat his nicotine addiction. doctors say his smoking may have already contributed to several health issues. this brought the spotlight on the lack of his country's tobacco regulation laws. check in for these stories and more at 6:00. vic is standing by with a preview. a woman raped and nearly killed. now, she's fighting to keep her attacker behind bars. tonight, a critical decision in her case. plus, the latest on hurricane earl. wjz, trafficking the storm live in first warning weather. check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news at 6:00. back to you.
5:49 pm
>> all right, vic. thank you. eyewitness sports is next. >> sports director mark viviano live at the ballpark. i had to figure out which one. the o's. >> that's right. it's baseball. and o's get one last chance to beat boston here. i'll have the latest on the birds. and in football, the ravens play the final season. we'll check in on a kickers competition. and a local teenager, making waves at u.s.'s tennis o o,,,,,,
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
big night for sports fans. in baltimore, we have the ravens and the o's. >> that's right. o's playing tonight. mark viviano is live. >> boston red sox behind me. orioles will play tonight, without adam jones in center field. he aggravated a left shoulder injury. so he will sit. felix pie plays center field tonight. nolan rimold. coming off an outstanding pitch in august. pitched pretty well against in the past. orioles hitter will face daisuke matsuzaka.
5:53 pm
to football now, the best part of the preseason is that it ends tonight. actually, this is a baseball note for you. major league baseball is looking into this incident last night in florida. that's gigermorgan. going after chris volstad of the marlins. the night before, morgan had run into the catcher. there is retalicationiation. there will -- retaliation. there will be suspensions coming out of this one. only thing that matters tonight are the final roster spots. and there are questions to be answered about the kicker situation in tonight's game. shane gram was the guy who was signed by the ravens. he was brought in as one of the most accurate kickers in history. it was expected he would take the job. but not so much just yet. billy cundiff may be better. seems to have a leg up on graham so far. it's too close to call. coaching staff likes them
5:54 pm
boast. no decision has been made yet. >> they've both done really well. they'll be outstanding nfl kickers this year, no question. it's just a matter of which guy we feel like best fits us. >> competition has been tight. and it's been fun. >> obviously if you're a competitor, you. want to get somebody who will bring it every day. >> one last chance for those kickers to stand out, when they kick in st. louis tonight. well, the games will count, beginning monday night, september 13th. and you can see the ravens kick off the regular season against the new york jets here on wjz 13. our special live coverage comes your way that night at 6:30. to tennis now. there's a rising star at the u.s. open. and she's from ellicott city. 18-year-old beatrice capra, playing in her first grand slam event. and making a mark as a wild card entry. she pulls off her second straight upset.
5:55 pm
today, she defeated 18th seed. match point. hit into the net. ranked 371st in the world. she is the youngest remaining player in the u.s. open. and she could face maria share pova -- maria sharapova coming up in the next round. and coming up next, we will hear from beatrice capra, who went to high school in mcdonogh, before she moved to florida, where she now trains. that's the story from here at the ballpark. orioles and the red sox. we'll have more on eyewitness news at 6:00. we know the football season is right around the corner. we were just talking about it. sign up fu now for wjz's pro football challenge. log on. pick games each week. and match up against our team of 10 experts. could even win a prize. just go to our home page and sign up. we use the word "experts" very loosely. still ahead on eyewitness news tonight. >> hurricane earl, barreling up
5:56 pm
the east coast. i'm adam may in ocean city. concerns on how this will affect the local economy. and new restrictions on and new restrictions on swimmers. . ,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 pm
yeah, but... what.. happened to the back there? well, here's the thing: this was the only "sporty two-seater" they had on my budget. uh-huh. and the seats go all the way back. (announcer) settling for less is not smart. what is smart is getting more car for your money at carmax. for the money you'd spend on a stripped down new car,
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you could get a fully loaded, guaranteed-quality used car at carmax. now more than ever, the smart choice is carmax. the way car buying should be. coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00. tracking earl. wjz is tracking it all with extenseich hurricane coverage. new information on the man at the center of a tense hostage situation in montgomery
5:59 pm
county. and his bizarre list of demands from the discovery channel. i'm derek valcourt. that story coming up on eyewitness news. will. state senator indicted. now his attorney speaks out on the charges. i'm gigi barnett. that story coming up. another oil rig explosion in the gulf of mexico. is there more crude leaking into the water? >> check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> wjz at 6:00 starts now. no swimmers allowed. ocean city, bracing for

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